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Chris Shenkle,
Founder and Director

Chris is a director and writer with a huge passion for filmmaking. He directed and co-wrote his first feature film, “We´ll test it on Humans” in 2016, and has since then made multiple short films.

He runs a production company (Paragon of Pictures) producing short films like "Dead Ringer" ( available on Amazon Prime) which got into twelve film festivals, with three wins and two nominations, and later got picked up and aired at DirectTV. His most recent short film, "Head Shot" has it's premiere at the Golden Door International Film Festival in September 2019.

As a passionate filmmaker, besides directing and writing, he is also a cinematographer and editor. Shenkle also has experience in front of the camera and has starred in all of his films.
In fact, his passion for filmmaking started when he was pursuing acting in the city and got frustrated with how hard it was to get good footage. He bought his first camera to start shoot his own scenes for his reel but later found his true love in filmmaking.

Emelia Sylte
Co-founder and assistant

Emelia Sylte is a Norwegian actress, model and producer based in New York City.
Sylte is the other half of Shenkle`s film production company Paragon of Pictures, and besides making sure she has an acting part in his films, she also produces and function as a potato-assistant ( someone who does a little bit of everything).

Sylte was born in Volda, Norway and spent her childhood in Bergen and Kristiansand before her teens in the small coastal town of Norway, Mandal. She started theatre when she was thirteen, mainly as a way of overcoming her shyness, and she quickly fell in love with acting. When she was nineteen years old, she traveled all alone to Los Angeles to attended a one-month acting workshop at the New York Film Academy. The following year, she moved to New York to train at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She graduated two years later and was then selected to be a part of the Academy Company from 2013-2014.

In 2014 and 2015, Sylte spent the summers in Norway producing and starring in a skit/stand up-show and a short play for children, and the same year, she starred in her first US feature film, Pretty Fine Things, which has been a part of Hoboken Film Festival, Horror Hound Film Festival, and Los Angeles Cine-fest just to name a few. The film got distribution in 2018 and is available on multiple streaming platforms

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