We offer one package for our clients.
$395 for two hours total. Unlimited photos and outfits, and the package includes two slate-shots in your chosen outfits.

No MUA included, but feel free to bring your own or reach out to us if you need help finding one.

We offer a $50 dollar discount for headshot clients who also signs up for a scene.

We ask for a 50 percent NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT in order for you to book and secure your slot. This is non refundable regardless of your situation.

The remaining balance is to be paid during or by the end of your shoot. We accept PAYPAL, VENMO and CASH.

Cancellation policy is 24h. Please email us at info@getreelstudios.com or call 917.371.1414 to cancel your session.

How to get the best photos:
Be on time. Arriving late, stressed and flustered will not be helpful for your shoot.
Be prepared. Clothes, make sure they are cleaned and pressed. Wrinkled and dirty clothes is easy to spot on camera.
Get enough sleep before your shoot and make sure to be hydrated and healthy. Another thing, if you can stay away from drinking alcohol a few days before your shoot ( as many days as possible), this will really tell in your photos. We notice brighter skin and clearer eyes in clients who has managed to stay sober at least a few days ahead of shoot.
Wear simple clothes, not too many details, patterns, logos etc. Basic clothes always does best in headshots. Tanktops in basic colors, perhaps a denim or leather jacket to go with it. Basic t-shirts. Chose clothes that matches your type, but always chose outfits that are simple and makes you POP vs distracts from YOU.