Our MONTHLY SPEED SHOOTS makes is possible for any artist to get new footage, regardless of time and money.

Each month we will announce on our Instagram @GetReelStudios what the next upcoming set will be. The slots are first serve, and we have five sessions in total during this day.

The sessions available:

  • 10 AM

  • 12 PM

  • 2 PM

  • 4 PM

  • 6 PM

When booking a slot, email us at with subject “Speed Shoot, x month” and include in the email your three top slots.
Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee you will get the slot you requested.
We take a 50 percent NON REFUNDABLE deposit when you decide to accept your slot, date and time.

The session only lasts an hour from “Hi” to “Goodbye” so you want to make sure you are as camera ready as possible, so you get as much time in front of the camera to get those good takes. Make sure to be off-book, and please reach out for a consultation in advance if you have questions regarding your scene.

You can either bring your own reader or we can provide. The reader will be off-screen.

We do not write these scenes for you, like we can for our regular services. Feel free to bring in whatever you want for this day, but remember to email us the sides to if you want us to provide a reader.
You can also bring a monologue if you rather do that.

Time is short, so please know what to wear when arriving on set. Our general tip is: no crazy patterns and colors, no logos. Layers can make the scene look fun, and a leather jacket or layering with different material can give a nice effect in the light. Like a satin dress with a wool cardigan or a cotton T-shirt with a leather jacket. Get inspired by your set design when choosing outfit.
Please make sure your outfit is not dirty or wrinkled, as we won´t have time to fix this when on set.

Make-up and hair
Please come hair and makeup ready. If you have a MUA you trust and like, feel free to bring the person along for touchups etc during shoot, but please be aware that a good take with great acting will do you so much better than a shine-less face and perfect hair.

Camera Angles
We use Blackmagic 4K and will play with close-ups and wide shots. If you bring your own reader, we might play with getting your reader dirty in frame in some of the shots.

You will receive the scenes within the next working day of shooting. If the speed shoot takes place on a Saturday afternoon, you should receive the scene by end of Monday.

Speed shoot costs $200. Fifty percent, $100 is to be paid in advance of the shoot in order to secure and book your slot. This pay is non refundable and you will not get it back even if you are having an emergency on the day of the shoot and you need to cancel.
The remaining $100 must be paid by the end or during your actual session. You can pay PAYPAL, VENMO or CASH.

Cancellation Policy for all of our services is 24h. Please give us a call at 917.371.1414 to cancel your appointment.

If running late
Because our schedule is tight this day, you running late means you getting less time on screen. We cannot push your shoot or give you extra time. It is your responsibility to get on time and be ready when you are up next.
Think of the day as a day of being on set. You would not be the actor arriving late for your calltime, and you would not expect the whole camera team to push all other scenes because you are running late.

Social Media
We post all of our scenes on our YouTube Channel @GetReel - if you do not wish your scene on this platform, please let us know in advance.