A huge part of being an artist, is about coming to terms with who you are - get real with yourself. That is the fundamental principle which Get Reel is based upon.
We want to be a safe and fun space for actors to explore and discover themselves while building a demo reel.

We want to empower actors.

Back in the days, all you needed was a good headshot.
Then came slateshots.
Today we are seeing more and more casting directors asking actors for specific scenes that resemble the character/show in order to get that audition.

We offer you the highest quality with the quickest turn-around time at the most affordable rate so that 1) you can get your scene to that casting office by Monday morning and 2) So you can afford to come back to shoot a second scene after you had to shave off your hair for your last booking

We always encourage our actors to write their own scenes. We do offer the add-on service of writing the scene for you, which we will gladly do, but we also believe that most actors are great storytellers by heart, and being able to write your own scene should empower you as an artist.

We recognize that we offer you a temporary service: It might sound crazy - but our ultimate goal is for you to trash the scene you shot with us and never use it again. We want your GET REEL-scene to help you get into THAT room to book THAT part, so that you get a brand new reel consisting of nothing but paying jobs with fantastic footage, showcasing you and everything you can do.