Who should GET REEL with us?

Of course, these are just the stories of Knut, Max and Helen. We welcome all stories and reasons for picking us - and should you be unsure if you should GET REEL with us, send us a message and schedule a consultation.

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Alex has recently changed his appearance, and with that, his “type” has also changed. His current material does not longer reflect what he looks like and what types he should be going after.

Alex is in a hurry to book scenes with Get Reel so he can send of his new marketing package to his industry contacts and update his Actors Access account.


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Max finished a two year conservatory school in New York a few months ago. The school would not let her audition or book work during her study, so she is now trying to collect material so she can get an agent/manager or complete her profile on Backstage and Actors Access.
She has done a few short films and student films since graduation, in which she is still waiting - and waiting - for footage from some of them. Some of the footage she did get back, unfortunately did not have the quality she was hoping for. The only good-quality scene she DID get back so far, was the part where she played a “mom of a teenage boy”, which is not too helpful for Max, given the fact that her own age range is 16-20.

Being an actor, Max has a good sense of storytelling, and has written a few scenes that reflects her type and style she is going for. She is excited to book with Get Reel and shoot the scenes she has written for herself, so she confidently can reach out to the industry showing who she is and what she can do.


Helen is an experienced actress. She has a great manager and agents, both legit and commercial and she often books great parts. However, she has never been called in for her favorite show “My Target Show” and she knows she would fit right in if she could only get her face in front of their casting office.
She reaches out to Get Reel Studios and asks for help writing a scene that resembles the style of her target show. She pick the set that matches the scene the most, and get dressed for the part.

She only waits two days before she gets the scene back, finish edited and all. She sends it off to her manager who forwards the scene to the casting office of her target show - and of course, she gets called in for a series regular!